“Adoptees say local adoption system not free from irregularities “

An interesting article about Korean adoption. With the recent news about Vietnam, some adoptees in South Korea respond.

Adoptees say local adoption system not free from irregularities

I have often wondered about the numbers of adoptees who find birth family when they search. This is just from 2005. I am so curious about the total number of reunited adoptees.

According to government statistics, 13,068 overseas adoptees made
efforts to locate their biological families in 2005, but only 316 —
about 2 percent — were reunited.
Some of the foreign adoptees claim that they found out in the process
of searching for their biological parents that their adoption documents
were switched.

Molly Holt, head of South Korea’s largest adoption agency Holt
Children’s Services, admitted last week that some child placement
agencies in the past used fraudulent documents in order to get children
adopted overseas.

   "Though people would sign their parents were dead, but they were
not. We didn’t know that," she said. "Some of their adoptees had their
names changed."

Read the whole article here.

Author: JaeRan

Assistant professor at UW Tacoma, writer, and researcher.

One thought

  1. A friend of mine who conducted an agency-independent homeland tour for many years once told me that there was at least one family on every tour that found out their paperwork was inaccurate, had been falsified, excluded important information, etc. Her tour typically had ten families. That’s a mighty high percentage in my opinion – a lot higher than “some.” The year I went on her tour, two families found this to be the case. We were one of them.
    I think there are a lot more than “some” instances of irregularities, a whole lot more.

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