“An Adoption Nightmare”

From ABC News, an article about Fleas Biting blog author Desiree Smolin and her family

An Adoption Nightmare
– An American Couple Adopted Indian Sisters, Only to Learn They’d Been Stolen

One of the things I’m always looking for are the sound-bites from "experts" and how these statements continue the typical rhetoric and justification for the continuation of the status quo. For example, this following bit from Adam Pertman, Executive Director for the Evan B. Donaldson Adoption Institute.

"The truth is there are problems with the international adoption system. But American parents are often saving children from poverty, pestilence and war and we should not let the bad guys taint the good work many agencies are doing," he said. "If there is one child kidnapped and adopted, that is one too many. I can’t speak about every adoption and bad stuff does occur, but the majority are above board."

"Parents need to be careful. They need to be good consumers — not consumers of children, but of services. Too many people get caught up in getting a child that they miss the red flags," he said.

Author: JaeRan

Assistant professor at UW Tacoma, writer, and researcher.

2 thoughts

  1. If you are a consumer of a service and that service is to provide you with a child are you not then a consumer of children? DOH!
    (eyes rolling)
    I just love how people twist words to make them sound more socially acceptable. I would have more respect for someone who just told it like it was without the sugar coating BS.
    I am glad though to see major news covering the parts of adoption that aren’t completely coated in sugar.

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