Two perspectives from Korean American adoptees

Poet Jennifer Kwon Dobbs "Home as the direction of search" from the IWP's New Symposium Home/Land.

These are my hands unfolding nothing with care. I am one of 200 thousand – each one different but part of an overseas Korean Diaspora – first created by the aftermath of Hanguk Jeonjaeng, or the Forgotten War as it’s remembered in the United States. Our search for meaning is always in the direction of home (Korea and the North American, European, or other receiving nation that adopted us), not because blood calls to blood or nature versus nurture, but because the human need for narrative requires a beginning for – if Horace is right – “men can do nothing
without the make believe of a beginning.”

Academic Kim Park Nelson's Mapping Multiple Histories of Korean American Transnational Adoption from the U.S. Korean Institute at SAIS.

In this paper, Prof. Park Nelson examines the
socio-political history of Korean American transnational, transracial
adoption, including the pull factors of America's demand for adoptable
children and the social conditions and immigration policies which
facilitated this exchange, as well as the relevance of this growing
community of Korean Adoptees.

Author: JaeRan

Assistant professor at UW Tacoma, writer, and researcher.

One thought

  1. kim park nelson proves yet again how eloquent and vital adoptee researcher contributions are becoming. her analysis and overview of korean adoption was very informative, well placed within contemporary theorising of adoption and is a must see for anyone seriously interested in proper research on korean adoption.

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