It all makes sense…

AHA! No wonder there's been so much griping about the Asian dude in Miley "Goofy-face" Cyrus' photo brew-ha-ha, and why he seems to be "going along" with them making fun of him and his kind. Some have speculated that he's a self-hating Asian.

Well, I got hint that this kid is a TRA

Doesn't that just figure.

I wonder if it's his a-p who is on the forums, railing against all us "over-sensitives."

Author: JaeRan

Assistant professor at UW Tacoma, writer, and researcher.

2 thoughts

  1. Having an anglo last name means he’s more likely to be a TRA, but it could be a stage name or there could be some other reason. I’m an Asian non-adoptee and I have an anglo last name, and it’s not because of marriage.
    I guess the larger point I’d make is that no one is immune to self-hating behavior. He did not handle the picture well, nor the aftermath.

  2. Ah, I wonder if his APs went to my blog to find a good pseudo-apology since that day had a lot of hits on that post. Interesting.
    I still wonder what exactly is supposed to happen with her apology now? She can’t possibly apologize again. And, he can’t possibly apologize now without it sounding like he’s making an excuse for her behavior.

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