Oh geez.

Not again.

All I can say is, I'm glad my kids don't like Hannah Montana OR the Jonas Brothers.

Hellooooo…are there any tween idols left who haven't made the Asian eye-slant?!?


Author: JaeRan

Assistant professor at UW Tacoma, writer, and researcher.

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  1. Margie, yeah, I have seen that disturbing story. It’s so messed up. What I find interesting is how many people are kind of shrugging their shoulders and sharing their stories (or those of their friends/family members) who were also subjected to having to take the TOEFL.
    That so many people have experienced this kind of treatment is outrageous. It’s endemic to where our country is right now and the assumptions that people have about “others.”
    In my statistics class, my prof wrote on my paper that I could “use the help of a native English speaker” in order to help me get the terminology correct – assuming of course that 1) I am not a native speaker and that 2) my mistakes on my paper were due to not understanding English rather than not understanding statistical terminologies.

  2. In an effort to get outside of my forum comfort zone, which is nil, and to rise to Resist Racism’s challenge to APs to speak out, I posted a call to support Lori in several forums, and was really disappointed to see how many APs just dismissed it out of hand. There were several that did seem to understand the injustice, didn’t even see how this test created “others” out of people for no other reason than their exposure to another language before school.
    And what your prof did you to? It’s the very same thing. Racism in education and educational policy, period.

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