Golden Girl was an adoptive parent

I was sad to hear that Golden Girl star Bea Arthur had died. I was surprised to learn she was an adoptive parent. According to People,

With second husband, Mame director Gene Saks, she adopted two sons, Matthew, 47, and Daniel, 44. They survive her.

Author: JaeRan

Assistant professor at UW Tacoma, writer, and researcher.

2 thoughts

  1. OK, I know this is not your point. But. As a side note, I have to ask:
    WTF!?? Why do they ALWAYS have to say if the children are adopted? When Bob Hope died at like, 99, every piece pointed out that his children (probably, what? 70 years old?) were ADOPTED. And even stated what orphanage they were from!
    Are they ever going to point out that birthed kids were conceived in the back of a pick-up? Or came by C-section? WHAT is the point???
    Rant over. Thanks.

  2. Becuase, of course, it’s eulogical testimony to what GOOD people we APs are. You get extra points for parenting kids you’re not biologically related to. And for helping little old ladies cross the street. I plan to save mine up until I have enough to trade them in for a new decoder ring!

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