Adoptions re-open in Guatemala

Just a quick update, thanks to Sarah who told me last night about this news story.

According to the Washington Post, Guatemala is re-opening their international adoption program. They say the "problems" have been resolved. According to the Post,

Legal reforms established during the suspension will prevent problems
in the future, according to the National Adoption Council, which said
in a statement on its Web page that it will start a pilot program
involving four countries.

The Council did not say when the program would start or which countries would be involved.

You can read the story here

And now, back to our regularly scheduled homework break.

Author: JaeRan

Assistant professor at UW Tacoma, writer, and researcher.

4 thoughts

  1. The National Council on Adoption’s page is here (it’s the citation from the article):
    I wanted to point out that it is explicitly critical of the old notarial system (violations of Human Rights, an adoption business) and advises that adoptable children will now number in the hundreds, not thousands.
    I expect that soon there will be a court case in the U.S. regarding one or more fraudulent adoptions from the old system. Actually, I’m surprised this hasn’t happened yet given the documentation linking missing children to immigration photos on sites like My understanding is that Guatemala would present its case through the Dept. of State. Do you know of any precedence for this?

  2. How can those problems be corrected when Guatemala has no clear infrastructure to deal with the mass adoption of their children?

  3. I’m not clear on what you mean papa2hapa, since the CNA is the infrastructure. And since, well, stopping the mass adoption was an important first step.
    I think the more interesting question is how the U.S. (and especially the Embassy) is going to deal with the fallout from the unethical/illegal adoptions they fast tracked.

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