Author: JaeRan

Assistant professor at UW Tacoma, writer, and researcher.

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  1. She is a complete waste of space and I do not shed one iota of sympathy for her. She is an opportunist, plain and simple.
    Everything in this article is about HER. How much SHE wanted another child. How her husband and children seemed indifferent to “Dan” but SHE loved him. SHE poured love into “Dan” but he wasn’t bonding to HER. Everything was hard for HER.
    I know her upcoming book will be a huge success and that enrages me further.
    The outpouring of sympathy for her is appalling considering a biological mother who claimed she wasn’t bonded with the child she gave birth to would be lynched in the streets.
    What I truly do NOT understand is why “Samantha”, this little boy’s new mother isn’t stopping this. Surely there has to be a way to stop someone from profitting of off a child’s story that does not belong to them. he is NOT her child anymore.
    If I was Samantha, I would be fighting this. And barring that, I would fight to ensure that a good chunk of the proceeds went into a trust fund for “Dan”.

  2. Infuriating to see this ridiculous article published again, this time in a UK paper. This adoption would never have been allowed in the UK.

  3. Ditto the second poster’s comments and please keep passing the barf bags down the line.
    Her’s is one book I definitely will not be purchasing!

  4. Oh no.How can you do that to a little child who ALREADY has attachment issues????If he were her biological child what would she have done?This is terrible.Now she’s one more list of ‘let-downs’ on his list of misery and lack of attention.And for her daughters not to even care,did she really impress upon them that he was (supposedly) their brother?

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