Author: JaeRan

Assistant professor at UW Tacoma, writer, and researcher.

One thought

  1. I do think it’s slowing down a lot but not on the way to death yet.
    I think Ethiopia is a good example of why it’s happening. They just recently changed to a two trip requirement. The parents now have to travel to meet their child first and be present at court (like Russia). Then they travel back when all the paperwork is ready. The reason I heard Ethiopia changed is what matters. What I heard was that parents were traveling over to pick up their child, they were the legal guardians of that child at that point, and changing their mind once they met their child. I’m glad they made this change because it will make it harder to adopt in a good way. In a way that will make people think hard before they decide to adopt there just because it’s cheaper and quicker.
    Guatemala… well a few years ago I heard that adoptions were the #2 source of income for the country. I’m glad they are back up but hope they have fixed a lot of their issues.

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