New book written by Korean birth mothers

Dreaming a World

From the publisher:

 "Dreaming a World: Korean Birth Mothers Tell Their Stories is a wonderful new follow-up to I Wish for You a Beautiful Life.

A powerful follow-up to I Wish for You a Beautiful Life,
this new book gives voice to seventeen Korean birth mothers, who tell
their stories looking back from the present to the time they were
pregnant and gave birth. They describe their situations then, the
decisions they had to make, and their lives in the time since. What
they have to tell us is both heart-breaking and compelling, from voices
seldom heard.

Proceeds from ths book support the work Ae Ran Won does together with
and on behalf of the unmarried mothers who decide to keep their babies.
These women receive very little support, financial or emotional. The
many authors of this book hope you read it, understand more about their
lives and the work that needs to be done for others like them, and give
your own financial and emotional support to Ae Ran Won and the single

Ae Ran Won's website is

The book is available at Yeong & Yeong, click here for more information.

Author: JaeRan

Assistant professor at UW Tacoma, writer, and researcher.

One thought

  1. Thank you SO MUCH for posting this. I ordered two copies, one for me and one for a friend.
    You can also “purchase” a straight-up donation to Ae Ran Won on the same website (Koryo Books) that handles the book sales.

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