Six words: The adoption version

Several folks on my facebook feed this past week linked to The Race Card Project that was created by journalist Michele Norris. For The Race Card Project, people are encouraged to describe their experience of race using only six words. The submissions are powerful and heartbreaking and uplifting. I read through several pages of them and found myself at times nodding my head in affirmation and sometimes surprised (in both good and bad ways) by what was submitted.

Norris' The Race Card Project is not the first "Six Word" idea. I've participated in a local one for my city and neighborhood, and the first one I heard about was the Smith Six-Word memoirs.

It made me think that maybe it would be interesting to have an adoption version of the Six Word Project.

So here it goes – what would be your six word description of adoption from your experience? Please put them in the comments.


I'll start it off with what I submitted for The Race Card Project because it sums it up my thoughts about adoption and race simlilarly.




Ok, your turn.

Author: JaeRan

Assistant professor at UW Tacoma, writer, and researcher.

76 thoughts

  1. Some days I want to die-
    how are those six words? No, I am not suicidal, but some times the pain is so great, that at least if I were dead it would be over.

  2. it killed me to surrender her
    I lost her then I died
    one mother one daughter one love
    fear shame surrender grief reunion love
    never one day without her memory
    where is she how is she?
    where was my courage back then?
    how is one girl so splendid?
    those memories are still so painful.
    I’ll never recover from losing her

  3. Conceived in my heart, much sweeter
    You are MY OWN, not substitution
    You rescued ME, not the opposite
    Your losses haunt, hurt me also
    You aren’t alone in your pain
    My love doesn’t make memories disappear
    My love and support are yours
    I can’t erase your tragic past
    Trying everything to help you heal
    Love you beyond measure, to infinity
    Ok, so that’s more than 6 words, but each 6 word line can stand on its own with respect to my feelings about my daughter and our adoption of her.

  4. Dis-empowered ambivalence in love’s healing presence.
    Participating in an open adoption as a birthfather is a strange business.

  5. Thanks to everyone who contributed to the #6wordadoption here and on Twitter. Everyone’s submissions were so profoundly resonant and I thought gave so much breadth to the adoption experience.

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