Pizza Hut: The Newest Adoption Agency

**** Edited***

The owners of this site must have closed down their campaign. If you go to the comments section, you will see another blogger’s comments about the ad campaign. The must have received too much negative attention. Sorry, but the video doesn’t work any more. It’s been "privatized" at YouTube.

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Thanks to Susan and Kim, I found out Pizza Hut has opened up an adoption agency.

According to their website, Adopt-a-bite-now,

The Association For Adoption Of Little Bites™ is a fully licensed adoption service. Established in 1996 with the aim to find caring homes for loving little bites. Everyone is welcome to adopt! It doesn’t matter if you’re a single mum or dad, or a teenager, a senior citizen, a size 14 or a French politician. Even short people and married couples with children may adopt with AFAOLB™

Their mission:

Help us stop the growing number of homeless little Pizza Hut bites. Experience the joy of parenthood through bite adoption. Provide them with a safe loving home and a good upbringing. Smile, because today is the day to adopt a cheesy bite.

Those who are interested can even download an adoption application right off the website.  And don’t miss the proud photos of parents and their adopted little bites. I think I cried a little tear of marinara sauce when I saw how happy those little bites were, snuggled up in bed, swimming and playing with their new families.

You can even see a short film about a teenager who adopted, much to her parent’s consternation.

Author: JaeRan

Assistant professor at UW Tacoma, writer, and researcher.

7 thoughts

  1. Glad to hear it. Well, then, bloggers do have some power beyond entertaining each other. At least all of the negative reactions I saw were in the blogosphere!

  2. Hi Jae-Ran
    I have come bearing a gift of more pizza hut crap,
    My adoption decree from the agency, you said you wanted more copy, here is some for you enjoy.
    Association for Adoption of Little Bites A bite is for life – not for lunch!
    This is to certify that the cheesy bite
    was adopted by
    time: 10:13 date: 14/12/2006
    “Life is full of imperfections and this little bite suffers from ‘Garlicopecia’, it lost all its garlic butter before the age of three days and was then rejected. Our tracking dog found it tucked into a delivery box at a bus stop, smiling unaware of the dangerous situation she’d been put in. A bite with ‘Garlicopecia’ can live a fully normal life but is sensitive to direct sunlight. This little bite doesn’t fully comprehend the situation yet but she sure needs to be brought up in a secure, loving and understanding home like yours and remember, a bite is for life – not for lunch!”

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