Author: JaeRan

Assistant professor at UW Tacoma, writer, and researcher.

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  1. As an adoptive parent of 2 children born in China, and one who would not qualify under the new guidelines (I am single), I make myself unpopular in my peer group when I say these are good changes! I hope this means China is making more of an effort to promote domestic adoptions and also reduce the number of children needing adoption, but in the end, there is no entitlement to adopt any child.

  2. This is us right now. We won’t qualify after May 1 of next year. We are trying to adopt a SN toddler and I do fear that he won’t get a home. I’m praying that he is able to come to us, but if he can’t, I’d still like to know that he got a home at some point……and that I don’t think they’d ever tell me.
    So, we’ve been racing around getting fingerprinted and re-fingerprinted. We are trying to expedite things so we get everything in under the deadline.
    I’ve noticed that other countries like Ethiopia are changing their adoption rules as well. We think we’d like a third child, but as I’m looking around it may not be possible.

  3. While I’m surprised china added all of those new regulations, its sad to see that countries who send children for intl adoption are still completely biased against gays and lesbians…
    Not that I’m an avid fan of promoting the continuation of intl adoption (Hah, i think most people know where I stand on the intl adoption issue~lol) but I just think it’s ridiculous to deem some people as unfit to be parents simply b/c of their sexuality.

  4. i guess its a good thing that i’m not considering adopting from china conidering i have a severe facial deformity… though i’m not sure why that would even matter. can someone enlighten me?

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